Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the quick questions.

How do I start a new retro?

From your team’s retrospective page, click on the plus sign to start a new retro. You will have the option of starting with a blank board that you can customize or from one of four of our quick launch templates (Mad, Sad, Glad; Sailboat; Four L’s or DAKI).

How do I invite others to my team?

Your team has a unique invite link that can be shared with anyone you want to include in your retros. This link can be found by clicking on the initial of your team name in the top right corner and clicking Invite to Team.

Why isn’t there a facilitator role?

We believe that anyone on the team should be able to “facilitate” a retrospective. This not only offers variety in approach but also provides the team independence and autonomy (see more about the benefits in this article from Spotify).

Does it cost money to use?

ScatterSpoke is always free to use however we offer paid features that will take your retrospectives to a whole new level. For $35/month your team will be able to search past retros, link teams to create programs, and view analytics about how your team is feeling.

Can I see who is on my team?

You can see everyone who is on your team from your team’s management page. Anyone listed here will have access to all of your team’s retrospectives.

How do I create a program?

From your team’s management page, click the ellipses and select Create Program. You can add any teams you are a member of to your Program. If you’d like to add teams that you are not a member of, share the Invite to Program link from your program’s management page.

How do I add Slack?

Click on the Add to Slack button at the bottom of your team’s management page. Type the name of the slack channel that you’d like to add the ScatterSpoke bot to, if it doesn’t exist it will create a new channel. Any thing prefaced with @scatterspoke will be added to your Slack Parking Lot.

How do I flag action items?

Each card on your retro board has a bookmark icon that you can click to indicate the need for follow up. When you open a new retro, click on the same icon at the top left of the purple navigation bar to access all of your flagged items from the previous retrospective.

Does my retro ever expire?

Your retro boards will never expire however you will only be able to your last two retrospectives without upgrading to a paid subscription. The subscription will allow you to view all of your past retrospectives and search all of the data within them.

Is my data secure?

ScatterSpoke servers are hosted in AWS and only accept communication over TLS. Specially designed and segmented security groups/vpc's ensure your data is protected. Payments are done with Stripe and we are committed to staying PCI compliant.

Can’t find the answer?

You can always reach out to us via e-mail.

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Can’t find the answer?

You can always reach out to us via e-mail.

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