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It’s changing the way we work. It’s helping a big development team. Our code is going into the most-sold truck in the world. It’s a big impact. And ScatterSpoke has helped us a lot.

Salomon Morales, Scrum Master at Ford

Your Way

Gather honest, anonymous feedback, ideas and future action items in ScatterSpoke as the sprint is happening. So instead of having to start your retros with everyone desperately trying to remember what happened over the last two weeks, you can hit the ground running.

Track Action items

Never lose track of improvements by tagging owners, due dates and exporting to other tools you already use. Adding actionable items from retros to your backlog means the team is more likely to deliver on takeaways.

See Trends, Themes, and Sentiment

Spreadsheets needs not apply.  We have pulled together the best AI tools to connect the dots with the data you already collect. View sentiment over time or by theme.  See common topics by keyword or by theme.   

Run Large Scale Retrospectives

Easily link teams together for release train, portfolio or enterprise-wide retrospectives. Manage access at the team level that automatically rolls up to the larger group. View trends and patterns across the entire program.

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