Scrum Masters

Scrum masters work with Agile teams to facilitate Agile ceremonies, escalate blockers for resolution, and create visibility of forward progress.

Typically, they work within the tools the team is using to ensure a steady flow of work is coming in and flowing from the team. This means keeping tabs on backlogs, tracking work in flight, and unique action items to drive improvement to how the team works.

And more often than not, they are working with more than one team at a time.  

This is where ScatterSpoke comes to help!

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All the formats you'll need

Scrum masters can choose from a variety of retrospective formats to keep things fresh and keep tabs on how many people are participating.

Continuous feedback

They can even set up retro boards in advance so team members can add feedback during the sprint instead of spending previous time together trying to remember what took place.

Access to data in one place

ScatterSpoke helps pull everything together in one easy place where all retro data is searchable, sortable, and accessible long after the retro takes place.

Goodbye handwritten sticky notes

Scrum masters can save time and look forward to not copying handwritten sticky notes when they wrap up the retro with an easy export to share outcomes and next steps.

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