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Changing how an entire organization operates is no small feat, especially when you aren’t working at the team level to know how they are responding to the change.

Enterprise Agile Coaches and Agile Transformation Coaches can do their job more effectively if they are informed of what teams are struggling with so that they can target their coaching and solutions to their needs.

ScatterSpoke helps them achieve their goals while enabling the teams.

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The data you need to keep the team on track

Agile Transformation Coaches are able to view retrospective analytics that provide a complete picture of the sentiment, patterns, and blockers at all levels of the organization while still maintaining the anonymity of the feedback.

Easy way to keep an eye on retrospective health and impact

Coaches are also able to see the health of each team's retrospective practices so that they can work to help improve the quality, cadence, and impact. 

Agile Transformation efforts have greater longevity when the changes are made to fit the unique needs of each team.

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