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AWS Marketplace

It is now easier than ever to purchase the most robust retrospective facilitation and tracking tool ever created.

ScatterSpoke is a revolutionary retrosepective tool allowing customers to run intentional retrospectives, then see common topics by keyword or by theme, see trends about team improvement over time and analyze sentiment of the feedback collected. All in a single dashboard.

Now, with the availability of ScatterSpoke in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace, you can leverage your AWS EDP to purchase and scale ScatterSpoke across your teams and organization.

Make your improvement intentional.

Now available within the AWS Marketplace.

Scatterspoke on Amazon Marketplace
Scatterspoke on AWS Marketplace

No New Contracts to Sign

Adopt and scale ScatterSpoke quickly across your organization quickly and easily through AWS Marketplace where you can leverage your existing contract(s), use AWS' EULA, or contact us for a private offer.

Adopting and integrating ScatterSpoke has never been easier.

Scatterspoke on AWS Marketplace - Leverage EDP

Leverage your AWS EDP

Utilize your AWS Enterprise Agreement to purchase ScatterSpoke.

You can now leverage your AWS EDP to purchase ScatterSpoke through the AWS Marketplace as a way to "draw down" your contractual spend.

Get what you need and draw down against your committed AWS spend.

Solutions for all teams

ScatterSpoke For Engineers

Engineers are at the core of how companies build and deliver value to customers. They experience firsthand what is working, what isn’t working, and insights on what needs to change.

Team members need a simple, anonymous place to call out issues like tech debt piling up or unplanned work impacting timelines, or the need for better unit tests.

But engineers often see the impacts of cross-team dependencies and blockers that impact more than one team.

Using ScatterSpoke, engineers can highlight key ideas as action items for leadership.

ScatterSpoke for Engineers
ScatterSpoke for Agile

ScatterSpoke For Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters

With ScatterSpoke, scrum masters can choose from a variety of retrospective formats to keep things fresh and keep tabs on how many people are participating.

ScatterSpoke helps pull everything together in one easy place where all retro data is searchable, sortable, and accessible long after the retro takes place.

Scrum masters can look forward to saving time by eliminating sticky notes with an easy export to share outcomes and next steps.

ScatterSpoke For Management

Inside ScatterSpoke, managers can review summaries that give an anonymous overview of each team’s meetings including key themes, highest voted items, and action items.

By leveraging ScatterSpoke for the team’s retrospectives, managers can stay in sync with what’s working and not working for all of their teams without getting in the way.

Finally, managers and leaders can get clear visibility into the overall performance of their organization, divisions, and teams.

Track, understand, and improve.

ScatterSpoke for Management