Improving the way teams improve

Retrospectives with the tools you need to improve beyond the last two weeks.

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Have a smarter retro

Review more about whats happeneing than what is being said.

Customize your retro format

Set up your retros, your way.

Keep your retros new and exciting by changing up your retrospective formats as much as you’d like! We give you the tools to format your retro board and customize your questions exactly how you want them. And we can offer some great suggestions if you're looking for inspiration.

Run scaled retrospectives

Why let one team have all the fun?

Easily link teams together for large scale program or enterprise wide retrospectives. Manage access at the team level that will automatically roll up to the larger group. View trends and patterns across the entire program.

Leverage intuitive integrations

Work with the tools you use everyday.

Add cards to your retro right from your Slack channel. Export your retro to a PDF to publish for the team. Add action items straight to your Trello or Jira board. We’ve got an easy to add plug in for everything you already use, making ScatterSpoke the icing on your cake.

Pricing plans

Unlimited retros and team members are always free.

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Always free
Trends & Analytics
Searchable Data
Programs & Enterprises
Integrations Slack
Export Formats
35 $
$35/mo per team
Trends & Analytics
Searchable Data
Programs & Enterprises
Integrations Slack Trello
Export Formats

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