Find & fix the problems Β preventing you from
delivering value

ScatterSpoke uses AI to analyze productivity metrics and retrospective data to provide engineering teams with actionable insights

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We believe the people closest to the work know what problems need solved.

Find the issues slowing you down

  • βœ” Git & Jira metrics to get a baseline for your team

  • βœ” Review your metrics at your team retrospectives

  • βœ” A.I insights identify patterns and trends

  • βœ” Quickly uncover the issues keeping you from delivering

Fix issues with team goals

  • βœ” Choose from a huge library of goals

  • βœ” DORA & SPACE Metrics

  • βœ” Create action plans from your retro and assign them to goals

  • βœ” Leaders can see whats most important at the team level

Track improvements over time

  • βœ” Review your progress at every team retrospective

  • βœ” See what actions have the greatest impact on your goals

  • βœ” Get progress at team, program, or organization level

  • βœ” Monitor core metrics and prevent over-prioritization of specific goals

All of your teams progress in one place

All of this while leveraging your daily tools

No need to start from scratch or anything like that, use data you already collect!

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ScatterSpoke benefits everyone

For Teams

Empower engineering teams to identify the most important issues to fix and work towards the solutions with the greatest impact.

For Leaders

Create visibility across teams into common issues, cross-team dependencies, and problems with the greatest impacts.

For Organizations

Deliver customer value faster by making it easy for teams to find, fix, and track the issues slowing them down.

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