Engineers are at the core of how companies build and deliver value to customers. They experience firsthand what is working, what isn’t working, and insights on what needs to change.

Team members need a simple, anonymous place to call out issues like tech debt piling up or unplanned work impacting timelines, or the need for better unit tests. The list goes on and on.

But engineers often see the impacts of cross-team dependencies and blockers that impact more than one team.

ScatterSpoke to the rescue!

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Highlight key ideas as action items for leadership

Using ScatterSpoke, engineers can select cards to be promoted up for leadership attention, getting action on issues that are outside the team's control.

Submit feedback through Slack or Teams

Engineering teams are often a diverse mix of personality types, including more introverted team members that may not be comfortable voicing concerns.  Over time a team's culture/goals can end up being driven by the loudest voices in the room. By making it easy to add feedback from everyday communication tools like Slack or Teams, team members can anonymously add their thoughts before the retro begins. 

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