Engineers need to be empowered, not managed. As the ones delivering value, they know what’s working.

That’s why we enable them to create action items from retros and set trackable team-level improvement goals. Now leadership can see what engineering teams actually think is important, so they can come together to fix what really needs fixing.

Empower your team and its leaders to see the big picture and fix what’s holding you back.

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Flag issues you want leadership to act on

Using ScatterSpoke, engineers can select cards to be promoted up for leadership attention, getting action on issues that are outside the team's control.

Submit feedback through Slack or Teams

Often, engineering teams can be dominated by the loudest voice in the room. By making it easy to add feedback from everyday communication tools like Slack or Teams, all team members can anonymously add their thoughts before the retro begins. This helps ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

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