Team Pulse

We have pulled together the best AI tools to connect the dots with the data you already collect.

See common topics by keyword or by theme, see trends about team improvement over time and analyze sentiment of the feedback collected.

All in a single dashboard.

Team Pulse Report

One Dashboard for
All of Your Team's Improvement Data

Do more with your data. ScatterSpoke uses cutting-edge AI to draw real actionable meaning out of the retro data you're already collecting. Evaluate patterns, trends, and themes over time to identify the most valuable opportunities for improvement.

"The team pulse analytics dashboard allows team members and team leaders to catch up with their team's health at a glance." - David Johnson


See if retrospectives are trending toward a more positive or negative tone. Monitor the themes and keywords that matter for your team and assess the quality of their feedback in an anonymized way.

Put your retro data
to work for you