Drive & Measure Improvement Across Your Organization

Leverage the power of automated, metrics-driven insights to identify, align, and track improvement goals at scale.

Transform How You Get Better at Delivering Value

Align teams with trackable goals that create meaningful, measurable improvement and provide simple ways for them to check progress at every retrospective.

Actionable Metrics that Drive Real Change

Aligned Strategy

Ensure that teams are working to move the needle on the goals that matter to the program, portfolio, and org.

Real-Time Feedback

Spend less time trying to gather team metrics with out simple integrations that make real-time data easily accessible.

Data-Driven Retrospectives to Empower Your Team

Automate Improvement Insights

Identify new opportunities for improvement with automated insights that marry retro feedback with incoming metrics to spot key wins and future options.

Continuous Learning

Create a culture of growth with retrospectives that enable teams to identify, implement and take ownership of better ways of working.

Alignment of Goals with Easy Visibility of Progress

Shared Vision and Goals

Ensure everyone in the organization knows the company's strategic direction and is working together to achieve the same outcomes.

Improvement At Every Level

Set and track custom goals at all levels, from company-wide OKRs to program level objectives, so you never lose track of where you are on the journey to getting better.

Four ways to use ScatterSpoke

Unlock Organizational Excellence with Data-Driven Strategies

Drive Strategic Alignment

ScatterSpoke allows you to break down your overarching strategy into manageable, measurable goals. This not only sets a clear direction for your organization, but also provides frequent checkpoints to monitor progress and maintain momentum towards your strategic mark.

Increase Employee Engagement

By aligning individual and team goals with those of the company, ScatterSpoke gives employees a clear understanding of their role within the organization. This promotes accountability, recognition, and a sense of shared accomplishment, fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Make Prioritization Simple

With ScatterSpoke, the link between daily tasks and organizational goals is clarified, making it easier for your teams to prioritize their work. Empower your employees to make decisions that have the most significant impact on your organizational goals.

Create Cohesive Growth

ScatterSpoke fosters alignment and collaboration by connecting employees and teams to your organization's main goals. As everyone works towards a common objective, your company culture is enriched, leading to higher productivity and improved results.

Start Achieving More
500+ teams use ScatterSpoke daily.

Let’s See How it Works

Organizations typically see measurable improvements in the first 30 days after starting to use ScatterSpoke.

Define Your Goals

Initiate your improvement journey by identifying and setting clear, tangible goals across various levels of your organization, from the broad company-wide objectives to the granular team-level targets.

Inspect & Adapt

Conduct regular team retrospectives to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Use these insights to adapt, refine your strategies, and continuously evolve towards your goals.

Measure & Refine

Utilize ScatterSpoke's powerful analytics to measure the impact of your objectives on key performance metrics. Leverage these insights to drive your strategic decision-making process.

Integrates with your current tech stack

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Achieve Your Organizations Goals

With ScatterSpoke, goals aren't just best effort, they're tangible targets.