Stop Wasting Your Team's Feedback

Ask, analyze, and act on feedback faster with ScatterSpoke - the AI copilot for team feedback.

Struggling to Act on Team Feedback?

ScatterSpoke transforms team feedback from any software engineering event—whether it's sprint reviews, outages, or free form feedback sessions like retrospectives—into themes, impact, and cost, providing teams and leaders with a concrete list of actions to take.

Automated Feedback

Automate feedback collection about what actually matters by targeting key software engineering events, directly or through integrations with Jira, Slack, and Teams.

Go beyond metrics—dive deep to understand the 'why' behind the data.

Feedback to Impact

Automatically translate team perspectives into themes, impact, and cost so you can make faster decisions based on feedback from the people closest to the work.

Grasp team dynamics without scheduling meetings.

Systemic Cost Savings

Imagine pinpointing, from your teams' perspectives, the issues causing the biggest disruptions and exactly how much they're costing your entire software engineering organization.

Gain clarity and control over your engineering costs and challenges.

Make Decisions Faster

Streamline your focus with our AI team feedback copilot, pinpointing critical priorities over what standard performance metrics offer for maximum organizational impact.

For Software Teams

Async Team Feedback

Set feedback collection on autopilot, automatically asking and collecting the right feedback.


Efficiently lead retrospectives merging metrics, async feedback, and effortless facilitation.


Provide each team with their own metrics to further quantify the teams feedback top priorities.

For Leaders

Support Your Teams

Discover team challenges and strategically deploy resources where they are most needed.

Quantify Team Feedback

Provide executives with a list of the most costly team challenges for targeted action.

Drive Big Improvement

Set ambitious cross-team goals  based on the teams feedback and effectively track their progress.


Connect to your Existing Tools

We speak the language of your existing platforms, weaving them together with feedback to deliver actionable insights.

Async Team Feedback

There's no need for everyone in your organization to always visit ScatterSpoke for updates or to provide feedback. Engage right where your company already dedicates its time.


ScatterSpoke is your all-in-one retrospective solution. Anyone can facilitate, prep is minimal, and the ability transform your feedback into takeaways in seconds. We also support importing your team feedback from wherever its happening.

Project Management Metrics

Project management tools are pivotal in orchestrating engineering workflows, tracking progress, and managing backlogs. The data housed in these tools is a goldmine of actionable insights, revealing the pace of development, backlog trends, and team performance metrics.

Development Metrics

Connect your dev tools to ScatterSpoke and see how code changes align with feedback. Get deeper insights, quantify impact, and close the loop on development efforts.

For our enterprise plans, we will also build custom integrations with any 3rd party application or API.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Act On Feedback Faster

Join the ranks of data-driven companies seamlessly acting on feedback and driving substantial improvement with less effort.