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Your team outgrew Post-Its & whiteboards a long time ago

You probably got here by Googling “agile retrospective tool”. Maybe you even have a few of our competitors’ websites open in different tabs at this very moment.

“But other tools
are rigid and clunky!”

They force you to go through phases or steps you don’t need. So you end up with an inflexible retrospective format that doesn’t really suit your team’s needs — so no one is excited to use it.

With more teams than ever going fully remote, you’ve gotta have an online retrospective tool that just works. So that instead of dealing with tech issues, unintuitive UIs, and forgotten feedback, you can focus on the actions and conversations you need to have.

Something that’s easy to use. Nice to look at. Something that fits into your workflow so smoothly, you don’t even think about having to use it.

We just wanted something that would be easy to use and nice to look at. Something that would engage the users. And it was important to us that we wouldn't have to spend a lot of time setting up user accounts and then lots of different sign-ins and stuff. So it's just as easy as me setting up a new retro board and sending a link to the team, where they just click on it and they're in instantly. And they just start typing away.

Stephen Murray at Renre

You deserve a retro tool that’s flexible and functional