Bring Metrics to Your Retrospectives for Focused Conversations

Our AI-assisted retrospectives will enable your team to spend more time discussing whats important and walk away with clear takeaways.

How does it work?


Facts & Stats

Begin by examining your team's metrics since the previous retrospective, along with any data-driven insights we've provided. The goal is to understand whats changed, giving everyone the context needed to discuss both challenges and successes.


Brainstorm Ideas

Now that the team is informed about the metrics that warrant attention—as well as those that merit celebration—it's time to contribute your insights. It's important for team members to provide candid feedback, both in recognizing successes and in offering constructive input on areas that need improvement.



After the team shares ideas from recent experiences, discuss top-voted topics. Address as many as possible and create clear actions for those needing improvement. This collaborative effort helps prioritize and align the team on next steps.


Recap and Commitments

We offer a summary of the retrospective, highlighting essential takeaways for the team and managers. We also include the team's committed action plan, all in a shareable format to keep everyone informed and on track.

Empower Continuous Improvement

Unlock data-driven insights, candid discussions, and actionable plans for your team's success.