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ScatterSpoke empowers software teams with actionable insights from data, fostering continuous improvement, collaboration, and productivity.

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by Colleen Johnson and CEO John Samuelson, ScatterSpoke draws on their extensive software industry experience, building software, leading retrospectives, analyzing data, and managing engineering teams.

Our vision is to turn data into actionable insights, enabling teams to continuously improve and collaborate effectively. Today, ScatterSpoke is a trusted partner for software teams striving to create the best developer experience for their organization.

How we evolved

From Retrospective Data to Actionable Insights

Since its inception in 2019, ScatterSpoke has undergone a remarkable evolution. Initially focused on enhancing the value of agile retrospectives, the company quickly recognized the untapped potential of both qualitative and quantitative data generated during the development process.

By integrating with tools that teams already use and building an insights engine powered by artificial intelligence, ScatterSpoke has been able to provide teams with data-driven recommendations for continuous improvement.

Today, ScatterSpoke helps teams identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and achieve excellence in software development—all while fostering a culture of collaboration and transparency.

Company Was Established

ScatterSpoke was founded in 2019 to unlock the full potential of agile retrospectives. We saw untapped data from countless retrospectives and set out to harness it for meaningful, data-driven improvements.

Joined TinySeed Accelerator

After acquiring our first few clients, we realized we were onto something promising. To accelerate our growth, we joined the TinySeed Accelerator, which provided valuable support and resources to help us scale quickly.

Atlassian Ventures Leads Pre-Seed Round

As we sought pre-seed funding, partnering with Atlassian was a clear fit. Our shared goal of improving agile retrospectives made for a strong, aligned collaboration.

Actionable Insights

Overtime we learned that retrospective data can reveal productivity issues. So, we built an insights engine that integrates with existing tools, tracks key metrics, and explains the causes of changes.

What We Offer

Our platform empowers software teams, project managers, Scrum Masters, and leaders with actionable insights from qualitative and quantitative data. Allowing you to design your ideal developer experience.

Organization Impact

Harness data-driven insights to optimize processes, drive continuous improvement, and enhance collaboration across teams and departments.

Boost Productivity

Identify and address bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and enhance overall efficiency.


Data-informed retrospectives, enabling transparent communication, shared understanding, and collective decision-making for continuous improvement.


We takes on the hard work of identifying areas for improvement by analyzing your team's data so you stay focused on delivering value.

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