Do you know where work is getting stuck?

Discover and resolve bottlenecks to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and become more predictable at delivering value.

How does it work?


Visualize Stuck Work

Identifying workflow delays can be tricky. ScatterSpoke helps by visualizing where work items and pull requests linger, offering insights for enhancing your process.


Improve Efficiency

After pinpointing workflow delays, take action in your next retrospective. Discuss bottlenecks as a team, agree on changes, and get work flowing smoothly.


Deliver Work Predictably

A smooth pipeline is key to predictable delivery. ScatterSpoke helps reduce costly delays and shows you how predictable your workflow is, guiding data-driven improvements.

Find Your Bottlenecks Today

Achieve predictability by eliminating bottlenecks. Use ScatterSpoke to optimize your process and enhance your team's performance.