Do Your Standups Take Forever?

We help streamline the process by providing visual representations of work progress, highlighting key items that need attention, and monitoring coding activity—all for more efficient and focused team collaboration.

How does it work?


Visualize Work Status

We quickly highlight in-flight work items needing attention. Green items are on track, while others are assessed using your 85% cycle time per status to identify at-risk work.


Review Only What Matters

ScatterSpoke organizes at-risk work items by age, helping you prioritize and unblock tasks. Many teams use this approach for standups, focusing on specific items rather than taking turns giving general updates.


See Work Getting Done

Code is the heart of progress, not just work item tickets. Keep an eye on pull requests being opened to ensure that actual coding aligns with the work commitments your team has made.

Streamline Your Standup

Prioritize tasks, focus discussions, and gain visibility into only what matters.