Tailored Insights with Custom Reports!

Building a great agile organization relies on getting the right feedback. But getting the right feedback is just the first step.

Making sense of the feedback you receive and determining where to focus your time and energy is the second and critically important step to drive improvement across your teams, programs, portfolios, and organization.

Companies of all sizes count on ScatterSpoke to help them improve based on qualitative data from their retrospectives and quantitative data from Jira, Github, or Bitbucket.

You Can't Fix What You Can't See

Teams don’t get to overhear what challenges exist for other teams. And you don't get to be in every retrospective.

You need a better tool that leverages your existing retrospective data; metrics from Jira, Github, or Bitbucket; and progress on goals to craft custom reports for your context based on the signals you care about most.

We’re here to partner with you and help create them!

Your Signals

While we have a library of signals we look for, we like to hear what you are most interested in finding.

Custom Data

We can integrate custom data to enrich our insights even further in your report.

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Achieve Your Organizations Goals

With ScatterSpoke, goals aren't just best effort, they're tangible targets.