Share what’s going on
without breaking trust

Which of these sounds more like you?

 —> Either you HAVE the data you need to identify systemic problems and opportunities across your teams, and you’re not doing anything with it…

 —> Or you DON’T have that data, and you’d have to pay someone to go get it for you. Not exactly your top priority, right?

Luckily, the data you need is right under your nose. ScatterSpoke takes regular retros a step further — analyzing your retrospective data and giving you more insight into team morale, bottlenecks, conflicts, and paths to resolution.

Gather Honest, Anonymous Feedback

Never send another useless employee satisfaction survey. ScatterSpoke collects thoughts, ideas, concerns, and future action items as each sprint is happening. 

Plus, team members provide feedback anonymously. That means higher participation rates (even among the introverts!), fewer hurt feelings, and more honest feedback.

It’s changing the way we work. It’s helping a big development team. Our code is going into the most-sold truck in the world. It’s a big impact. And ScatterSpoke has helped us a lot.

Salomon Morales at Scrum Master at Ford

Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

Import from other retro tools, and export to your team's backlog so you never miss an action item. Add cards to your retro right from your Slack channel. Export your retro to a PDF to publish for the team. Add action items straight to your Trello or Jira board. If you use it, we integrate with it.

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ScatterSpoke Retrospective for Scaled teams

Scale Up Your Retrospectives

Easily link teams together for release train, portfolio, or enterprise-wide retrospectives. Promote cards from team retros so you don't have to re-collect data each time. Manage team-level access that automatically rolls up to the larger group.

View trends and patterns across your entire program, invite stakeholders to large-scale retros, and even send anonymized digests to keep your bosses’ bosses in the loop.

Gather More Data,
Make Better Changes

Click, and you’re in. ScatterSpoke allows you to create public boards accessible to everyone from a simple link. When no one needs to remember a login and more people can join, your data pool gets bigger and more valuable. Fewer action items get overlooked. And your team becomes more productive.

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See Team Trends, Themes, & Sentiment

Spreadsheets need not apply. ScatterSpoke uses cutting-edge AI to draw real, actionable meaning out of the retro data you’re already collecting.

View sentiment over time, or by theme. See common topics by keyword or by categories you define. Identify patterns and take action on the things that often get lost in the day-to-day noise.

Sorry, sticky notes.
You lose!