How ScatterSpoke Developers Improved Flow State Time with AI Coding Assistant Cody

The developers at ScatterSpoke enhanced their flow state time and sped up their delivery process by integrating an AI coding assistant named Cody, which helped automate repetitive tasks, provide code suggestions, and quick-fix common errors. As a result, their workflow improved significantly with increased productivity, enhanced knowledge, improved focus, and reduced coding errors, leading to the delivery of high-quality software products.

John Samuelson

July 4, 2023


Maintaining high productivity and focus is crucial for developers in today's fast-paced software development world. One way to achieve this is by entering a flow state where developers can work with minimal distractions and maximum efficiency. 

As a company, ScatterSpoke takes great pride in helping other businesses improve their software engineering processes. That's why finding a solution that met our team's needs and offered a unique approach to tackling our software development challenges was so exciting.

In this blog post, we will explore how the developers at ScatterSpoke managed to speed up their delivery process and improve their flow state time by using an AI coding assistant named Cody.

What is Cody?

Cody is an AI coding assistant developed by Sourcegraph that helps developers write, fix, and maintain code more efficiently. It can be integrated with popular code editors like Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEs.  

Cody offers features such as automating repetitive tasks, providing code suggestions, quick fixes for common errors, and translating code between programming languages. 

One of the benefits of using Cody is that developers can stay focused on their tasks without having to leave their IDE, reducing the chances of getting distracted by searching Stackoverflow or the web for answers.

How Cody Improved ScatterSpoke Developers' Workflow

ScatterSpoke focuses on providing data-driven guidance for an optimal developer experience.  

Cody was a natural fit for our company's mission after we started tracking our productivity gains with the metrics system we released a few months ago.

By integrating Cody into our workflow, we were able to achieve the following improvements:

  1. Increased productivity: Cody's ability to provide code suggestions and offer quick fixes for common errors helped ScatterSpoke developers write code more efficiently. This allowed them to speed up their delivery process and spend more time-solving complicated engineering tasks.
  2. Enhanced learning and knowledge: Cody's real-time feedback helped developers learn best practices and coding conventions. You can tell Cody to learn about a new GitHub repository of a library you want to pull in. It can help you understand how to get the most out of that library in no time.
  3. Improved focus and flow state: Using Cody, ScatterSpoke developers could stay within their IDE, reducing the need to search the web for solutions. This helped them maintain their flow and avoid distractions, improving productivity and focus.
  4. Reduced errors and bugs: Cody's ability to solve errors, bugs, and security vulnerabilities in the code helped ScatterSpoke developers maintain high-quality code. It scans your codebase to ensure its answers are relevant to the project you are working on. This led to fewer issues during development and a more stable product.


Integrating Cody into Scatterspoke's development workflow has proven to be a game-changer for our developers. Cody has helped improve our flow state time, increase productivity, and maintain high-quality code by providing code suggestions and quick fixes for common errors. As a result, ScatterSpoke has delivered better software products and enhanced its overall developer experience internally. 

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