ScatterSpoke Retrospectives - an Atlassian Ventures Portfolio Company - Available on AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace customers worldwide now gain access to ScatterSpoke Retrospectives’ platform which enables organizations to make intentional improvements via their proprietary AI-based retrospective tracking tool, Team Pulse.

ScatterSpoke Team

July 12, 2022
3 mins

Denver, CO: July 12, 2022– ScatterSpoke Retrospectives, the most robust and in-depth retrospective tracking software, announced today the availability of its solution in Amazon Web Services AWS Marketplace, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully managed services from data centers globally.

ScatterSpoke Retrospectives gives organizations the ability to intentionally improve things that matter most to them, and track those improvements through ScatterSpoke's proprietary AI technology that will enable you and your team to better understand and answer the most common questions being asked: "Did we get better?" and "How did we get better?"

“We’ve heard from countless customers the desire to be able to leverage their existing AWS Marketplace EDP in order to purchase ScatterSpoke Retrospectives,” says John Samuelson, Co-Founder and CEO at ScatterSpoke Retrospectives. He continued, “This should reduce the friction on both our side and client side to implement ScatterSpoke within their organization seamlessly, so that our clients can start understanding and getting visibility into their organization’s health - sooner.”

Some of the features of ScatterSpoke Retrospectives include:

- Scalable Retrospectives: ScatterSpoke can integrate with customers favorite tools, scale and link teams together across entire enterprise-sized organizations, and draw real & actionable meaning out of customers' retro data via ScatterSpoke’s AI-based analytics tool, Team Pulse.

- ScatterSpoke's Analytics Dashboard (Team Pulse): Allows customers to see common topics by keyword or by theme, see trends about team improvement over time and analyze sentiment of the feedback collected. All in a single dashboard.

- Apps & Integrations: ScatterSpoke integrates with many popular tools companies use to deliver their work. Integrate ScatterSpoke to run retro's in those tools, or use those tools to add action items directly to ScatterSpoke.

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